Solidarity with Japan

The Macromolecular Crystallography (MX) team at the HZB is offering synchrotron beam time to the Japanese MX-community. The offer entails access to the most advanced and automated MX-beamline currently available in Germany, HZB’s BL14.1.

More information on the beamline.

From April 2011 until September 2011, 24 hours of beam time will be available for the Japanese MX-community every other week. Interested Japanese MX-users may send their samples to Berlin and the HZB MX-team will collect the data according to the instructions received from the Japanese researcher.

For details about the supported sample holders, please see the information on our web pages or contact Dr. Manfred Weiss or Dr. Uwe Mueller. Ideally, samples would arrive in SPINE pucks already, but they should at least be mounted in SPINE sample holders.

The transport of the samples to Berlin and back to Japan is in the responsibility of the Japanese researchers. Instructions for dewar shipping to Berlin and from Berlin back home can be found here.

For obtaining access to BL14.1, please go through the four following steps:

  1. Register your project at the HZB Berlin.
  2. Contact the Japanese project coordinator Dr. Naohiro Matsugaki at the Photon Factory in Tsukuba for details about shipping samples.
  3. Make sure that you use the correct sample mounts. Please check here. If there are questions, please contact Uwe Mueller or Manfred Weiss.
  4. Ship your samples along with the relevant information to Tsukuba.